We teach students how to use these kits to take care of themselves, as many go to live alone for the first time in their lives. Using our integrated iconography, you’re no longer just giving your student a box of tools: you’re giving them the knowledge  to use them.

Are you still buying first aid kits with 50 fingertip Band-Aids? Stop wasting money, and create your own first aid kit based off of one of our four pre-designed kits. If you don’t want a bandage, medication, or medical tool, simply drop it from the pack, and watch the price go down! Alternatively, if you like ibuprofen, go ahead and add some more to your student's kit!

Rescue Hound’s first aid kits are created using the combined experience of dozens of college students. Each item was selected and reviewed by an Emergency Medical Technician, as well as those same college students that these first aid kits serve.




how it works

How To Create Your Kit




Choose Your Base

Rescue Hound offers 3 types of kits: a premium kit, a kit for college athletes, and a kit for trauma. Match your student’s needs with the appropriate kit, and add it to your cart.


After you’ve added a kit to your cart, simply scroll down to add additional items that your student needs. If you don't want a certain item that comes in the base kit, just click the 'remove all' button next to that item, and we'll take it out of your kit.


We offer many types of medication and bandages, including medications comparable to most popular brands.


Once you’ve added all your items, simply scroll down to the bottom of any kit page and click the checkout button.


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