Our Story

Let’s face it, it’s all too easy to forget the importance of taking care of our health. Life is busy, and all of us sustain the knocks and bumps of day-to-day living. A first aid kit is the last thing on your mind, right up until the moment that you need one.


When Cord Meyer, Rescue Hound’s CEO, returned from work as an Emergency Medical Technician in the busy city of Boston, he was baffled by the profound lack of educational health materials available to college students. These college students were in the ultimate transition period, as they left both home and the care provided by mom or dad. New college students needed the tools and knowledge to start caring for themselves.


Rescue Hound provides this through the marriage of education student empowerment, and care for self and others. With a dedicated team consisting of 3 full time partners and industry experts, Rescue Hound is poised to provide a one-stop-shop for all your personal and business health needs.


Whether you’re an individual looking to make the most complete first aid kit ever conceived, or a business seeking to provide multiple kits to your clientele and employees, Rescue Hound can provide for you.


Let us do the heavy lifting, as we assemble first aid kits that are not only customized to your needs but will also educate and empower. Rescue Hound is revolutionizing the self-care industry, and we’d be honored to have you along for the ride.


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